The Global Environment Facility
The First Ten Years – Growing Pains or Inherent Flaws?
a report by environmental defence and halifax initiative - August 2002


Korinna Horta, Environmental Defense
Korinna Horta, PhD, has been with International Program of Environmental Defense since 1990. Linking scientific research and advocacy of public policy changes, she has participated in GEF-NGO consultations during much of the 1990s. In cooperation with other international NGO networks, she has written various papers on GEF Monitoring and Evaluation needs. Her latest article on the GEF was published in Environmental Regulation, Law Science and Policy in 2000.

Robin Round, Halifax Initiative
Robin Round has been with the Halifax Initiative since its inception in 1994, serving as both Coalition Coordinator and Policy Analyst. She currently leads the global finance and currency transactions tax campaigns. She has participated as NGO observer or Canadian NGO delegation member to the Global Environment Facility and Montreal Protocolís Ozone Fund throughout the 1990s.