The Global Environment Facility

The First Ten Years – Growing Pains or Inherent Flaws?
a report by environmental defence and halifax initiative - August 2002


3. Misunderstanding the Nature of Sustainability
Failure to Address the Root Causes of Environmental Degradation
The Dispute over “Global Benefits” – Financing Increments Only
Transferring Negative Environmental Impacts
Finance – A Drop in a Shrinking Bucket
Failure to Engage at the Grassroots

4. Inherent Contradictions Undermine Performance
Quantity over Quality
Failure to Improve Performance by Learning Lessons
Implementing Agency Competition and Control

5. The World Bank’s Central Role in GEF – “Jury, Judge and Executioner”

Failure to Mainstream
Externalizing Environmental Costs and Sweetening Debt Deals
Funding and Mitigating Environmental Destruction
a. Climate Change
b. Biodiversity
c. Persistent Organic Pollutants
Biodiversity Case Studies
a. Cameroon: Oil Pipeline
b. Kenya: Tana River Primate Reserve
c. India: Ecodevelopment at Nagarhole