The Global Environment Facility

The First Ten Years – Growing Pains or Inherent Flaws?
a report by environmental defence and halifax initiative - August 2002


6. The GEF-Small Grants Programme – A way forward?

7. Conclusion

8. Recommendations

9. Further Reading

Executive Summary

For many, the most significant outcome of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit was the Global Environment Facility (GEF), a publicly funded multi-billion-dollar green aid fund. The GEF was charged with financing protection of the ‘global environment’ by transferring resources North to South to meet commitments to the new Rio environmental conventions. Over its first decade the GEF has spent in excess of US $4 billion in support of over 1,000 environmental projects in 160 countries.

By establishing the GEF prior to the Earth Summit, G7 governments were able to pre-empt multilateral debate and seize the environmental agenda. Because they had no role in its establishment, the feelings of Southern government toward the GEF ranged from ambivalence to hostility.