Penetrating the smokescreen of a global bureaucracy...

Why the World Bank Won¹t Save the World

The Global Environment Facility (or GEF) looks promising on paper - with two and a half billion dollars from the world¹s governments to spend on global green aid, and an inclusive, democratic model of governance. But does this newest of the international financial institutions live up to its own rhetoric?

SUITS AND SAVAGES looks at a GEF/World Bank 'ecodevelopment project from the ground up - travelling between one remote tribe in India and another, more powerful, in Washington DC; spanning the gulf between their environments. Based on research from the University of Hull UK, with support from the ESRC Global Environmental Change Programme, SUITS AND SAVAGES makes difficult issues accessible and is an ideal tool for use by educators working on development, aid, indigenous people and/or environment issues.

a Conscious Cinema production, 38 minutes
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