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Simplifying Tools

is the use of well-known NGOs (rather than local democratic structures) for advertised participation and accountability to ‘civil society’, despite many big NGOs’ own lack of accountability even to their own members. Finally must be mentioned the language in which most GEF discourse is conducted: wither platitudinous or technical and legalistic, it is daunting to all but the most dedicated, providing even less clues for disinterested researchers than for unconnected groups seeking information on GEF funding opportunities.

Understanding the GEF

Perspectives on the GEF

As a contribution to the lessons expected of an experimental Facility, this book brings together some of the diverse experiences of people involved in shaping, promoting, rejecting, accessing and embodying the GEF, also those affected by it and those who have watched it unfold from a distance. To suggest their range, here follow some conflicting descriptions of the GEF’s nature and mission from people who know it well:

· A work in progress (Mohamed El-Ashry)
· An enormous con (international civil servant)
· The only practical thing to come out of Rio (several other international civil servants)
· A green virus in the Bretton Woods software (World Bank environmental lawyer)